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Power flushing your Central Heating system

It is a proven fact that unless a good quality corrosion and scale inhibitor has been added to a heating system it will begin to deteriorate from the moment it becomes operational.

The combination of water, air, mixture of metals and even installation debris and contaminants can result in internal corrosion, sludge formation and scaling of boilers and heat exchangers, seriously impairing the efficiency of the heating system. This leads to higher energy bills and ultimately failure of the pump, radiator, valves or boiler.

Symptoms of Heating System Corrosion include:

If you recognise any of the above symptoms then your heating system would almost certainly benefit from Powerflushing.


Powerflushing is a highly effective cleansing operation which works by pumping water at a much higher velocity than usual through the heating system to loosen and mobilise harmful corrosive deposits and to suspend them in the rapidly moving water. The process is made more effective by specialist cleansing chemicals and an instantaneous flow reversal device which creates turbulence in the radiators to optimise 'pick up' of debris. Once loosened, the unwanted debris is purged from the system with clean water. At the end of the flushing process the system contains fresh clean water and reinstatement of the system to normal operation takes only minutes.

During the process, radiators are individually flushed without removing or disconnecting. Indeed the whole process is carried out with minimal disturbance and disruption to the normal operation of the system, often without the need to disconnect the boiler or radiators.

The operation takes several hours to complete and once the system has been thoroughly cleansed, the cleaning agent is neutralised and a corrosion inhibitor added to the system.

If you are upgrading your system with a new high efficiency condensing boiler then power flushing is essential if you want to realise the published energy efficiency levels of 90% - 94%. Your new boiler cannot be expected to fulfil its potential if your heating system is full of sludge and scale. Modern boilers have much smaller waterways and are therefore far more prone to clogging than their predecessors. Several boiler manufacturers insist that the system is thoroughly flushed as a requirement of their warranty. You will save money on the running costs of your heating system by anything up to 15%.

Kamco Powerflush

Kamco PowerFlushing equipment

Kamco Magnetic Filter

Kamco Magnetic Filter equipment

Adding FX2 Chemical

Adding FX2 Chemical

Removing Sludge

Removing Sludge

Advantages of Powerflushing:

We will fit a MagnaClean after every power flush.

Cost of flush depends upon the size of the system and the number of radiators you have.

Contact us for a quote - the cost will depend on the size of the system and number of radiators.

Magnaclean Before


Magnaclean After


Used MagnaClean